Quad Safari in Marmaris

Adventure and thrill seekers usually like to explore the wilderness off the usual path. The go to vehicle for exploring off road is a quad safari as they are way more stable compared to dirt bikes. Even though dirt bikes are light and can fit into tiny spaces, the quads are way safer and hence the number one choice. Marmaris attracts many thrill seekers on a daily basis. The population rises almost tenfold during tourist season and the economy sky rockets. Many locales are traditionally fisherman and have developed many methods to fish efficiently. Marmaris is famous for its the Turkish traditional baths, the world renowned Grand Bazaar which contains the cultural heritage of Marmaris, the Marmaris castle and the calcium filled springs Pamukkale.

Marmaris is a gem situated in the Mediterranean coast of South West Turkey. Marmaris served as a fishing town till the 1980s and only after that did it become a tourist hotspot. The city of Marmaris is bounded by scenic mountains on one side and the mighty Mediterranean Sea on the other side. The city has a population of about 50,000 but during peak tourist season, the population rises to a whopping 400,000. Being on the seaside, Marmaris hosts many international Yacht festivals throughout the year. The city is a centre for sailing and diving and consists of many small marinas. Its primary income is through tourism and hence there are many things to do in Marmaris as a tourist.