Quad Safari in Marmaris

Adventure and thrill seekers usually like to explore the wilderness off the usual path. The go to vehicle for exploring off road is a quad safari as they are way more stable compared to dirt bikes. Even though dirt bikes are light and can fit into tiny spaces, the quads are way safer and hence the number one choice. Marmaris attracts many thrill seekers on a daily basis. The population rises almost tenfold during tourist season and the economy sky rockets. Many locales are traditionally fisherman and have developed many methods to fish efficiently. Marmaris is famous for its the Turkish traditional baths, the world renowned Grand Bazaar which contains the cultural heritage of Marmaris, the Marmaris castle and the calcium filled springs Pamukkale.

Quad safari in Marmaris is another tourist attraction. The safari takes almost 3 to 4 hours totally and it is a highly recommended activity for anyone above the age of 16. Most safaris offer pick up from the hotel you stay and is organised in the forests of Marmaris. The forests are located about twenty minutes from the main city. Usually, there are four sessions during the day and each session starts with a little briefing. The briefing informs you with the routes to be followed and how to operate the quad bike in general.

Now the fun part arrives, the experts who organise the safari allot you the quadbike you will be using and they will let you get a feel of the bike. After allotment, you will be taken to a ground where you can ride freely for 30mins. By now, you should be comfortable riding a quadbike. After 30mins, you will have to report back to the base.

The next 45mins involves you taking your trusty little quad bike uphill, on the way you will face many steep ascents and descents which will leave you covered in mud from head to toe. Ensure you stick with your safari guide.

Then you arrive at a tiny little hill top village where refreshments are available. You can also take a shower to clean up. You can also mingle with your fellow safari members and get to know them. You get to rest here for an hour.

After making amazing new friends you are ready to descend back to base. The way downhill is way easier and less exhausting. The way down is from a different track all together. This track provides mesmerizing views, don’t forget to soak in every minute and take plenty of photos to relive the moment years later.

When you reach back to base it should be time for sunset. A beautiful sunset point is available 5mins away from the base. After spending 20mins observing the marvellous sunset with your loved ones, a bus will be awaiting to take you back to your hotels. Some packages also host dinner along with a sizzling belly dance show after the safari. Taking the quadbike safari in Marmaris is a thrilling experienced and highly recommended.

Marmaris is a gem situated in the Mediterranean coast of South West Turkey. Marmaris served as a fishing town till the 1980s and only after that did it become a tourist hotspot. The city of Marmaris is bounded by scenic mountains on one side and the mighty Mediterranean Sea on the other side. The city has a population of about 50,000 but during peak tourist season, the population rises to a whopping 400,000. Being on the seaside, Marmaris hosts many international Yacht festivals throughout the year. The city is a centre for sailing and diving and consists of many small marinas. Its primary income is through tourism and hence as a tourist.

Grand Bazaar:

The Grand Bazaar is a humungous collections of stall, restaurants and bars. Its covered walkways provide you with apt shelter from the elements. There are many hidden gems of the city located in this Bazaar which should be explored by tourists to get mesmerised by the beauty of the city.

Marmaris Castle:

This majestic structure was made by the Ottoman Turks back in the 16th century, the walls still adorn the city with pride. The Castle has been undergoing many renovations since the 1980s. The castle now serves as a museum which consists of seven galleries. The entire area is covered with wonderful flowers at any time of the year and is Marmaris’ priced monument. The castle is only open from 8AM to 12PM from Tuesday to Sunday every week. Exploring the place requires an entrance ticket which costs $2. Visiting the castle is one of the most important things to do in Marmaris as a tourist.


Hamam is an old Turkish traditional bath. The bath cleanses your body clean and makes you feel rejuvenated. These baths are conducted in dome shaped structures called Gobek Tasi which is essentially like a sauna. All the

flooring is marble and there will be attendants waiting for you to give you a nice body rub.


Dalyan is an hour away from Marmaris but there are regular boat rides to and fro. The Lycian tombs in Dalyan are cut into the sheer cliffs of the mountains and is a great monument to see during the boat ride. The city is also good for sunbathing.


This landmark is four hours away from Marmaris city and has a spring which is surrounded by calcium deposits. The calcium deposits look like icebergs and you feel instantly transported to Antarctica!

Datca and Knidos:

These are two historic hill top cities in Marmaris and can be accessed by a short road trip. It houses and ancient theatre and the roads to this destination contains breath-taking sceneries.

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